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avril 25, 2020

From Suspension to Powder Using the Spray-Drying Process to Produce Kilograms of Powder as Anode Material for Li-ion Battery

The preparation of muticationic batteries materials as Li4Ti5O12 powder requires high homogeneity in the precursors to produce the powder with desired phase characterized with high electrochemical performances. This can be easily achieved with the spray-drying technology from nanoprecursor suspension. Using this fast process in a one step, we are able to produce at GREEnMat several kilograms of the desired material.

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avril 24, 2020

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Advanced and Controlled Powders

Hydrothermal processing is a non-conventional, one-step method to prepare crystalline inorganic materials with good morphological and surface control. It is a simple and effective way to reduce particle size and a suitable method for the morphological and surface control in one step. It consists in the precipitation reaction of chemicals in aqueous solution at moderate temperature and pressure, and is therefore very attractive for the preparation of particles in an environmentally friendly way. Phase formation in hydrothermal conditions often proceeds through one or several intermediates.

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